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Facilitate your business in transaction with customers in Asia through E-wallet Payments & Bank Transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about E-wallet & Bank Transfer services throughout Asia iPaymu

The currencies listed below are accepted by Bank Transfer Payments throughout Asia:
  • East Asia – South Korea (KRW), Hong Kong (HKD)
  • Asean, SEA – Indonesia (IDR), Malaysia (MYR), Singapura (SGD), Thailand
  • (THB), Philippines (PHP), Vietnam (VND)
  • South Asia – India (INR)
  • ANZ: Australia (AUD), New Zealand (NZD)

Yes, there’s a limit for the customers per transaction. It depends on where they are based:

East Asia

South Korea (KRW) – Toss. KRW 550,000

Hong Kong (HKD) – FPS/Transfer Bank. HKD 2,000


Malaysia (MYR) – DuitNow. MYR 1.000.

Singapura (SGD) – PayNow. SGD 500.

Thailand (THB) – PromptPay. THB 5.000.

Philippines (PHP) – InstaPay. Rp10.000

Vietnam (VND) – ViettelMoney. VND 8.000.000

South Asia

India (INR) – Transfer Bank. 1 Lakh/INR 100,000.


Australia (AUD) – Transfer Bank. AUD 500

New Zealand (NZD) – Transfer Bank. NZD 500

These limits are set in accordance with the rules and regulations of local countries.

  • login to your iPaymu account
  • Click the SERVICE menu
  • Look for CROSS-BORDER Service, Choose E-wallet & Bank Transfers throughout Asia, click ACTIVATE

E-wallet & Bank Transfer services throughout Asia will automatically activate on your iPaymu dashboard when your account has been verified by iPaymu team.

For everyone who have an iPaymu account are verified as merchants, both individuals and business entities.

For fee: 2.4% per successful transaction and funds will enter your iPaymu account H+7 settlement.

Forex/trading, Online loans, Donations, Drugs, Counterfeit / imitative goods.

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