E-wallet & Bank Transfer Payments Asia

Your business can accept payments from various E-wallet & Bank Transfers throughout Asia! You can make payments and receive transactions from Other Countries.


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Benefits for your Online Business

Easier your business in transaction with customers in Asia through E-wallet Payments & Bank Transfers

E-wallet & Bank Transfer Asia

Country e-Wallet Bank Transfer
  Hong Kong
  New Zealand


  • Payment Methods

  • Currency Conversion

  • Fees

  • Cost for CROSS-BORDER Transactions

  • Chargebacks

iPaymu.com - Payment Gateway Terbaik di Indonesia
  • Alternative Payment Methods
    With 5 times the market penetration rate of credit cards!

  • Mid-market FX Rates

  • Pay as You Go
    No fixed fees

  • 2,4%

  • Without Chargebacks

Other Providers

  • Credit Card

  • 1% – 2% FX Spread

  • Up to 50¢

  • 3% – 5%

  • Up to $100 per Chargeback

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about E-wallet & Bank Transfer services throughout Asia iPaymu:

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