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Special Deals for Your Business

Special Deals iPaymu Service for Your Business

Integrate a fully customizable PCI-Compliant Payment Page (PCI DSS) into payment processing

e-Commerce e-Money solution will enhance your security protection to protect your business from fraud and security threats. Because it is 100% XHTML, your sensitive customer data will be better protected from cyber criminals.

e-Commerce is an online payment solution hosted on an e-Money web server, and provides support for hidden iFrames that allows seamless integration with any website. Use the entire e-Commerce Solution or simply integrate a fully customizable PCI-Compliant (PCI DSS) payment page into your checkout process.

Here are the Special Deals of iPaymu service for your business. Please complete the following form to contact our sales team

Features Price
Securing Transactions
IDR. 0
Arta Graha Bank Transfer
(All ATMs in Indonesia)
IDR. 3500
CIMB Niaga Bank Transfer
(All ATMs in Indonesia)
IDR. 3500
BPD Bali Virtual Account IDR. 3500
BNI Virtual Account IDR. 3500
BRI Virtual Account IDR. 3500
Bank Muamalat VA IDR. 3500
Bank Mandiri Virtual Account IDR. 4000
Credit Card 2,9% per Transaction
Debit Online GPN 1.4% + IDR. 2000
Installments without
Credit Cards
1.5% + IDR 5000
BCA Virtual Account Transaction Fee: IDR. 5000
Settlement H+1 (Office Hours)
QRIS Payments Transaction Fee: 0.7%
Settlement H+2 (Office Hours)
Convenience Store
(Alfamart atau Indomaret)
Transaction Fee: IDR. 4000
Settlement H+3 – H+4
Fund Withdrawals from
Bank CIMB Niaga
IDR. 2500
Other Bank Withdrawals IDR. 7500

Only COD Price
COD Service by RPX
( Service Fee O% )
Transaction Fee: 1.75%
from total transaction
(Borne by the buyer)
Settlement H+7
COD Service by JNE
( Service Fee O% )
Transaction Fee: 2.85%
from total transaction
(Borne by the buyer)
Settlement H+5

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