Advantages of Debit Online GPN

Advantages using Debit Online GPN service of iPaymu

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Debit Online GPN service of iPaymu


Debit Online GPN is a payment method for Debit card holders with the GPN logo online. Debit Online GPN is connected to the B-Secure service so that it is safe, easy, and realtime.

With a large population of GPN debit card holders, the Debit Online GPN payment method increases the merchant’s acceptance rate and adds potential new customers. In addition, transactions will be completed simply on the merchant page without having to pause at the ATM or open another application.

Debit Online GPN is connected to the B-Secure service, a 2-factor authentication system and uses the PCI-DSS standard.

  • Register your account at
  • Complete the registration form completely and correctly
  • Check “Register as a Merchant” and enter your website/online shop link
  • Check “iPaymu Terms & Conditions” and click “Process”
  • Open your registered email inbox
  • Click the confirmation link to activate your account
  • Congratulations, your iPaymu Merchant account registration has been successful

Merchant will receive the payment from customer in 2 working days

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