Recently, several modes of online transaction fraud have emerged. These scammers are generally targeting people who are still unfamiliar with online transactions. Therefore, the people must be more careful with cyber crimes, such as online transaction fraud. In addition, Kominfo also warns the public to always be aware of fake websites or phishing sites and online data theft.

#teamiPaymu has summarized the modes commonly used by fraudsters:
  1. Fraud under the disguise of selfie photos with self-identity
  2. Fraud via WhatsApp
  3. Fraud via SMS
  4. Phone mode
  5. Fraud via e-mail
  6. Fraud on behalf of the Bank
Here we also tips from #teamiPaymu so you can avoid with Scams:
  1. Have a strong and secure passwords on all digital accounts
  2. Understand the importance of keeping the OTP code secret
  3. Keep data confidential, never post personal data to social media
  4. Do not carelessly download applications on mobile phones and laptops
  5. Make sure to always log out after transactions
  6. Don’t be easily tempted by unclear gift/discount offers

After knowing the characteristics of online fraud modes and how to avoid them, you are one step ahead and safe. There is no need to panic, if you have experience or find suspicious, you should immediately report to the party related.

In response to this, iPaymu provides a platform to report fraud that may experience to you in iPaymu. Please fill out your complaint form here.

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