Frequently Asked Questions

Pertanyaan yang sering dicari seputar Plugin WHMCS iPaymu


  • Download and Install the WHMCS Plugin. Click here to download the WHMCS Plugin.
  • Ensure you have an iPaymu account. Click here if you don't have an account yet.
  • Copy your iPaymu API Key and Merchant Virtual Account (VA) number.
  • Move the contents of the "callback" folder to the WHMCS installation directory "/modules/gateways/callback".
  • Move the contents of the "ipaymu" folder and the file "ipaymu.php" to the WHMCS installation directory "/modules/gateways".
  • Activate it through the "App & Integration" menu, then select "Browse" on the left navigation and choose "Payments".
  • Search for the plugin using the keyword "iPaymu Direct Payment," then click on it and activate.
  • Configure the iPaymu environment with the details obtained previously from the iPaymu dashboard.
  • The plugin is now ready to be used.

Yes. Register your account in the Sandbox Click here.

Yes. iPaymu has a feature called "Integration Service". Click here for more information.

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