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The main vision of Escrow presence is

Increase security when financial transactions occur.
The payment process for goods does not go directly to the seller’s account but will be temporarily accommodated in the Escrow account.
Escrow closes the possibility of fraud by the seller. All transactions from the Payment Link are automatically directed to Escrow Payment



Important Information About iPaymu Escrow

The following is important information about iPaymu escrow

Auto On

All transactions through the Payment Link will automatically become Escrow Transactions and are specific to the payment method; Bank Transfer & VA

Bank Transfer & VA

In addition to the payment link, escrow can also be activated by buyers on the Bank Transfer & VA payment method and this will be an option for buyers because it can be activated or not.

COD, CStore, QRIS, & Akulaku

For COD, Convenience Store, QRIS, Akulaku payment methods currently cannot use the escrow feature

Funds In After Confirmation

New funds will go to the seller after the Escrow is confirmed by the buyer

Confirm by Buyer

Escrow transactions can only be confirmed by the buyer and can only be confirmed H+3 payment

Automatically Confirmed 7×24 hours

Escrow will be automatically confirmed in 7x 24 hours if the buyer doesn’t / forgets to confirm in the email

Extended Warranty up to 10×24 hours

Buyers can also extend the escrow warranty for 3 days if needed, so the total escrow days will be 10×24 hours



How to Activate Escrow

If you are a buyer, here are the procedures for activating escrow, confirming escrow and extending the order warranty

  • Activate ESCROW

  • Confirm ESCROW

  • Extend order warranty period



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