QRIS payment

Your business can receive payments
from various types of e-money with 1 QRCode

Benefits for your Online Business

Your business can accept and make payments
through various e-money channels with a single QRCode scan




QRIS is inclusive, used for all walks of life and can be used for payment transactions at home and abroad.


The public can transact easily and safely via one mobile phone.


Transactions with QRIS benefit customers and sellers because transactions take place efficiently through one QR code that can be used for all mobile payment applications.


Transactions with QRIS immediately occurs, because the process is quick and instantaneous, resulting in a smooth payment system experience for both the customers and sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the QRIS iPaymu Service


  • What is QRIS?

    QRIS is the National QR code standard to facilitate payment of QR codes in Indonesia. Through QRIS, all QR code payments can be made by scanning to the same QR code; although the payment methods / applications used are different.

  • What are the benefits of using QRIS?

    Easy to receive QR code payments. With just one QR code, you can receive payments from customers using any method / application that uses the QR scan method; so that it can expand the market share of non-cash payments. Plus, there’s no need to need much space to prepare various QR codes.
    Customers can be more flexible in choosing QR code payment methods. Customers can choose to pay by any method / application then scan only 1 QR code.

  • Why do you have to use QRIS?

    By using QRIS, there is no need to have many QR codes in your business, because QR code payments from various payment system service providers can be done with one QR code.
    Plus, QRIS uses EMV Co.’s international standard QR code. which has been used in various countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. So, businesses that already use QRIS can also receive payments directly from their payment application.
    In addition to facilitating the payment of QR codes, transaction costs using QRIS have also been uniformed for all System Service Providers which are policies of Bank Indonesia in the Decree of the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia Number: 21/1/KEP.DG/2019.

  • What payment applications can use QRIS?

    QRIS can accept payments from OVO, Dana, LinkAja, Gopay, Shopeepay, Sakuku or even some mobile banking that already has a QR scanner such as BCA Mobile.

  • When will I receive your QRIS iPay?

    For your new iPay user, after logging in you can first verify as a merchant. After being verified as a merchant, you can activate your iPIS QRIS through the service menu on your iPay dashboard.
    For you who have been verified as a merchant, you can immediately activate your iPIS QRIS through the service menu on your iPay dashboard.

  • How much does your iPay QRIS service cost?

    Please visit https://ipaymu.com/en/contact-sales to get the latest service prices.

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