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Easy transactions with payment links. Directly share with customers via social media, blogs, or short message applications without having to have a website.


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Social Media Payment Link

Create, Share & Get Paid

Transactions on Social Media are getting better

You will get a lot of close deals by transacting on social media, it’s easy for your buyers to transact. Setup payment link and share to your status post on Facebook Group, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and forums.

Login & activate payment link with COD facility, virtual account payment, Indomaret, Alfamart, installment without credit card, QRIS (OVO, GoPay, LinkAja, Dana). The faster you receive payments and the easier the service, secure transactions with Escrow automatically, make buyers more trusting.

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How to Setup & Facebook Booster

Find out how to easily create payment links

  • How to Setup Payment Link?

    1. Login at

    2. Click the service menu on the iPaymu dashboard
    3. Activate the Payment Link Service first, click “Activate”
    4. Upload your TIN, tick “Terms and Conditions”, then click “Process”
    5. The service will be active after your payment link service is activated
    6. After the Payment Link Service is active, click “Create Link”
    7. Click “Create Payment Link”
    8. Fill in product details and upload product photos
    9. Single Product: Create a payment link for only one product, it can also be used for invoicing.
    Multi Product: Create payment links for products with more than one quantity.
    10. Check “COD Payment” if you want to make this transaction into COD (Cash On Delivery), Fill in the Postal Code for Collection and Complete Address for Collection.

    11. Click CONTINUE
    12. Share the Payment Link that has been successfully made to your Customer

  • How to Setup on Facebook Marketplace

    Steps to sell on Facebook Marketplace :
    1. Search – click Marketplace.
    2. Click “Sell Something”, and then input the item you want to sell.
    3. Enter an appropriate title for your listing – price, location, category and description.
    4. Don’t forget to copy and paste the product payment link that you have setup on the website
    5. Upload your photo by clicking “+10 Photos”
    6. Now, you can post. If “post” is grayed out, check again to make sure you’ve filled everything in.
    7. Make sure your product prices are competitive.
    8. The most important part of selling your product is the photo section. To sell successfully on Facebook Marketplace, make sure you provide a clear background photo so shoppers can view your product without distraction.
    9. Save an interesting profile.
    10. One of the great things about Facebook Marketplace is that it has a direct link to the seller’s Facebook profile. This means that you have direct access to your seller and guaranteed authenticity and credibility of the sale, the payment link will add to the trust of the buyer.
    11. Know how to make a deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently searched questions about the iPaymu Link Payment service

  • What is Link Payment Service?

    Services that facilitate iPaymu merchants to accept payments from buyers via payment links. This service is specifically for merchants who have difficulty integrating Websites / Applications / Online stores and without coding.

    With the iPaymu Payment Link you can receive payments from various channels, namely: Bank transfer, COD, QRIS and Convenience store. Your iPaymu Payment Link is automatically secured with escrow and makes your buyers more trusting.

  • How to activate the Link Payment Service?

    1. Login to your iPaymu account
    2. Click the “Service Configuration” menu, select Social Media Payment Link
    3. Upload your NPWP
    4. The fee for the link payment activation fee is IDR 50,000 and this only applies to a one time fee (only once)

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