Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about iPaymu’s Cash on Delivery service


A service where the goods will be picked up at the merchant’s store/warehouse, sent to the customer and the customer pays in cash.

Merchant with verified Website/Online Store/Application and iPaymu account

The COD (Cash on Delivery) service can be used/LIVE in realtime after all requirements are met, namely:
  • Fill in Data Coverage, Pickup Address and No. Phone.
  • Have a verified iPaymu account.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions that apply
Failure to send / return goods occurs when the expedition has delivered more than 1 time but the goods do not reach the buyer. The non-delivery of the goods to the buyer can be due to the following:
  • Wrong address.
  • The buyer is not at home.
  • Goods rejected by the Buyer.
Then iPaymu will charge the shipping fee to the merchant.
  • When the buyer selects the COD (Cash on Delivery) feature, the user data will be sent to the merchant for the merchant to clarify in order to avoid fraudulent use of the feature.
  • After clarification, the merchant will send data on the delivery of goods to the expedition via the iPaymu COD (Cash on Delivery) feature.
  • Merchants will receive an email containing the buyer’s data along with the shipping receipt number to be included in the package to be sent.

The funds will be deposited directly into an iPaymu merchant account after the item is received and paid for by the buyer.

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