Cash on Delivery

The Fastest Way To Acquire Your Market. Increase Transaction Conversions Up to 300%

Procedure of COD Services

Service fee O%. Boosting the flow of your transactions
due to iPaymu Cash on Delivery services

Buy and Sell

Buyers make purchasing transactions on the seller’s website that has been integrated with iPaymu.

Buyer Chooses COD

After checkout, the buyer is directed to an iPaymu payment page and chooses the COD payment method.

Seller Prepares the Goods

The seller receives a notification and an order to prepare the goods and sends it to the logistical pulling point.

Items Picked Up and Shipped

Goods will be picked up, sorted and sent by the logistics courier from the pulling point to the buyer’s destination address.

Goods Received by the Buyer

Goods are received and inspected by the buyer, if according to the buyer makes payment in cash to the courier.

Successful COD Transaction

COD transaction is complete, payment funds will be received by the courier. Funds will go directly to the seller’s iPaymu account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Cash On Delivery service of iPaymu

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Terms and Conditions

Have a verified iPaymu account. If you don’t have an iPaymu account, please register here

Pick Up locations are within logistical range (iPaymu Partner)

The product being sold is not a dangerous or illegal product

Agree to the terms and conditions for the iPaymu COD service

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