Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about iPaymu Credit Card services


  • login to your iPaymu account
  • Click the SERVICE menu
  • Find CREDIT CARD Service and click ACTIVATE
  • Click DOWNLOAD FORM to download the application form
  • Complete the application form and UPLOAD the Application Form and the required documents, if it is completed, click PROCESS
  • We will process your request and get back to you

Cards with VISA and MASTERCARD logos.

All iPaymu users who apply for Credit Card Service activation and have a verified iPaymu merchant account.

iPaymu Credit Card service fees :
– 2,5% + IDR 2K/ successful transaction.
*MDR: Merchant Discount Rate is a fee charged by the bank for each successful transaction.

Our security aspects consist of 3D Secure, PCIDSS Level 2, Verified By VISA, MasterCard Secure Code, J Secure, Safekey, SSL and FDS (Fraud Detection System) that can prevent fraud and misuse of Credit Cards.

  • Complete the Application Form & Verification Document
  • Website integration with iPaymu

The Credit Card service will be activated directly on your iPaymu account dashboard once it has been verified by the iPaymu team.

How to integrate your website with iPaymu can be seen on the link

Can. All merchants will get an accessible dashboard to monitor all transaction.

"Do Not Honor" is the most common message for Credit Card transactions that are declined by the bank. It indicates that the Issuing Bank will not validate that transaction. This can be due to various factors such as a typo, insufficient funds, and others.

To resolve it, the buyer needs to contact the Issuing Bank and confirm what's happening. Once the issue is resolved, the buyer can proceed with the transaction again.

"Pending" means the buyer did not proceed with the transaction and did not enter their Credit Card information.

“Insufficient Fund” means the buyer's funds are insufficient or not enough to cover the transaction. The buyer is advised to check the balance on their Credit Card.

Please send your iPaymu transaction ID to our iPaymu support team via this link:

Forex/trading, Online Loans, Donations, Pharmaceuticals, Counterfeit Goods, and other prohibited items.

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