Whatsapp Payment Bot

Checking balances, billing, transfers, and various types of transactions are made easier with WhatsApp


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Benefits for Your Online Business

Easy your activities in communities, cooperatives, markets, rural banks and other entities that have members with the Whatsapp Payment Bot. Your members can register to billing only via whatsapp.

Member Registration

Prospective members can register with your entity via their whatsapp.

Check Balance

Your members can check your iPaymu balance via whatsapp.


Members can do billing only by inputting their mobile phone number.

Payment Link

Members can sell complete products with a choice of payment channels quickly and easily.

Whatsapp Payment Bot

WhatsApp Payment Bot makes it easier for Widows member/community access. No app downloads! This system is appropriate for communities, cooperatives, rural banks, markets and various communal based entities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently searched questions about the iPaymu Whatsapp Payment Bot service

  • What are the benefits of WhatsApp Payment Bot?

    Providing Better Service
    Every member wants to be served quickly. Using humans to answer all members’ questions and orders at once is of course impossible. However, with the WhatsApp Payment Chatbot, you can provide better service, even for 24 hours. Members no longer need to wait long to be served.
    Making it easier for members when shopping
    Members can make billing only by inputting their mobile phone number.
    Improve Customer / Member Experience
    When members find it easy to transact, it means they will have a pleasant transaction experience. This can automatically increase their loyalty to your brand. In fact, they may also provide positive reviews to share them with others. That way, your members will also increase.

  • How much does it cost to setup WhatsApp Payment Bot?

    Please contact the iPaymu support team, click the following link https://wa.link/609dqz

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