Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions apply to accessing and using iPaymu.com website and or services

The following Terms and Conditions apply to access and use iPaymu.com websites and or services. By accessing every page of the website and or using iPaymu.com services, you understand and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions that apply. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, please do not access the website and or use iPaymu.com services.

These terms and conditions are:


  • Notifications

    – iPaymu sends you a notification via e-mail, general notification on IPAYMU.COM, or by other reliable methods to the address you gave iPaymu when registering
    – iPaymu has the right to make changes at any time with / or without notice of the information, materials, functions and / or content contained in the pages of the IPAYMU.COM website. Further access to or use of the website and / or services provided by IPAYMU.COM after such changes will be considered as your acceptance of these changes.
    – Information and materials on this website, including but not limited to services, products, information, data, text, graphics, audio, video, links, goods or other facilities, provided by iPaymu are based on “as is” and “as available” . Information and materials on the website and / or service of IPAYMU.COM may not under the conditions be considered or interpreted as offers or invitations to buy products or services provided on the website and or services of IPAYMU.COM or other websites linked to this website.

  • Publication and Information No VA/Account/QRCode

    iPaymu keeps the deposit account number information (11790xxxxxxxxx) confidential, and only notifies it via the User’s email (user) using a secret code to be opened by the User (user).
    Users are prohibited from making transactions at their own online store/website which then shares their VA number, Account number, QRCode, and other payment methods belonging to iPaymu to buyers for the purpose of receiving payments.
    Buyers are required to make their own transactions and get/receive a VA number, Account number, QRCode, and other payment methods from iPaymu directly.
    iPaymu has the right to close (suspend) any merchant account found to have published a Deposit account number (11790xxxxxxxxxxx) and share VA number, Account number, QRCode, and other payment methods belonging to iPaymu to other parties/buyers.
    iPaymu only allows merchants to do Merchant Website Integration in the manner provided on the Website Integration page.

  • iPaymu Policy for MLM

    – iPaymu accepts MLM and vendors of Income Opportunities, it is very important to note, joining MLM or any income Opportunities is done at your own risk. There are many legitimate opportunities on the internet and each must be carefully researched before deciding to join. iPaymu will not offer a refund for this or other purchases. These things must be taken care of by the vendor.
    – It should also be noted that reversing the funding method used to fund an IPAYMU.COM account is considered fraud and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.

  • Documents and Information

    iPaymu has the authority to request the User from time to time the documents required and or necessary to protect the rights of iPaymu and the User must submit or cause submission to iPaymu every document requested by iPaymu, including documents required by iPaymu to be submitted in advance to iPaymu for the commencement of the use of the System by the User.
    The user declares and guarantees to iPaymu that every data and every information contained and written in every document provided by the user is true and accurate in every case, and all things and consequences arising from and or in connection with data and information contained in and contained in each of these documents become the full responsibility of the User.
    If any data or information submitted to iPaymu turns out to be false or incorrect or misleading, iPaymu has the right and authority to refuse, cancel, freeze and report all transactions made by the User without the need to obtain prior approval from the User in any form.

  • Prohibitions

    – Users using these services may not make any changes to the terms, conditions or restrictions contained in the licensed agreement or other agreements where the user has the right to use the Products or Services (Agreement of Use), and use of our services still subject to the terms, conditions and restrictions contained in the Agreement of Use.
    – All forms and or ways of harassment of any kind on the IPAYMU.COM website, including and / or not limited to via e-mail, chat and or using obscene and / or abusive language, are prohibited. Any type of impersonation of others, including iPaymu or other licensed employees, hosts, representatives, other members or visitors on the IPAYMU.COM website is prohibited.
    – You are prohibited from distributing, using other means to publish photos or content on the site by defamation, harsh words, threatening, invading privacy or publicity, insulting, acting against the law, or leading to fraud or leading to criminal acts, violating rights any party, or that could create liability or violate the law. You may not use commercial content on IPAYMU.COM to ask others to join or become members of other online professional services or other organizations.
    – In an effort to provide added value to visitors of IPAYMU.COM, iPaymu may link to websites operated by third parties, even if third parties are affiliated with iPaymu. iPaymu does not have control and or control over related websites, which all have privacy and data collection practices that are separate and different from iPaymu. These linked websites are only for convenience and therefore you assume all the risks on your own if you access them. Nonetheless, iPaymu strives to protect the integrity of the website and / or link placed on the request and therefore feedback not only on the IPAYMU.COM website, but for the website linked to it (including if certain links do not work).
    – Your information and activities (including payments and receipts of payments) through our service is NOT ALLOWED if:
    1). False, inaccurate or misleading, fraud of any kind and/or the involvement of selling fake or stolen goods; making cash advance withdrawals from your account (or help others do that), violates the iPaymu User Policy;
    2). Violating third party copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, property rights, publicity or privacy rights;
    3). Violating laws, the constitution, rules, contracts or regulations (including, but not limited to, those who regulate financial services, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or misleading advertisements);
    4). Defame, slander in trade, threaten or harass the law;
    5). Obscene, licentious or contains child pornography;
    6). Contains viruses, Trojans, worms, cancelbot time bombs, easter eggs or other programming that is destructive, disruptive, blocking or taking over system, data or other personal information;
    7). Creating obligations or things that make us lose (in part or in whole) services from our ISP or other suppliers;
    8). Forex business;
    9). If you use or try to use the Service for purposes other than sending and receiving payments and managing accounts, including but not limited to, interruption, hacking, modifying or damaging the security functions of the Service, your account will be closed and you will be deemed damaging and subject to penalties, criminal prosecution.
    iPaymu does not accept payments for online casinos, soccer gambling, pornography, terrorism, white collar crime and other things that are illegal in nature and there are no exceptions to that.

  • Intellectual Property Ownership

    All content on the IPAYMU.COM website, not only limited to text, graphics and / or code is copyright fully owned by iPaymu either in part or in whole, is done by iPaymu and / or its workers in accordance with statutory regulations in force in the Republic of the Republic Indonesia. iPaymu as the copyright holder of the content on the IPAYMU.COM website gives permission to copy and print electronically and / or in non-electronic form only for and at the behest of iPaymu and or purchase iPaymu products.
    iPaymu also gives you permission to be able to display some specific information, download material and or print from different materials that come from the IPAYMU.COM website only for personal, non-commercial use, or on iPaymu orders and or to purchase iPaymu products. Users outside of these matters, including but not limited to the distribution of the display, reproduction, and / or delivery of content from the IPAYMU.COM website are acts that are strictly prohibited, unless permitted by iPaymu. You also agree not to change and or delete ownership rights notices from material downloaded from iPaymu’s website.
    All trademarks and or service marks with iPaymu’s name used on the IPAYMU.COM website are trademarks and or registered trademarked on August 22, 2011 on behalf of Riyeke Ustadiyanto.
    Under this Agreement the User does not obtain any intellectual or other proprietary rights, including patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights or rights in any confidentiality or trade secret information, in or relating to the System or any part thereof, other than the rights expressly granted to the User under this Agreement or in a joint agreement based on a written agreement that the User has agreed with iPaymu. There are no ownership and / or ownership rights whatsoever on the IPAYMU.COM website (if any) granted under this Agreement.
    The user of the website and / or IPAYMU.COM services that the user uses is only licensed and not sold to the user. All IPAYMU.COM website software and programs that allow Users to access the IPAYMU.COM website are protected by laws and regulations in force in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). iPaymu has the authority to prosecute violations of laws and regulations relating to infringement of IPR both civil and criminal

  • Refusal of Guarantee

    iPaymu does not guarantee or represent, either explicitly or implied, and is not limited to the title, the product or service being tradeded, not a violation, completeness, accuracy, quality, satisfaction, reliability, compatibility of certain objectives regarding the website, information, material and / or function functions within it and iPaymu strongly rejects the responsibility for errors and omissions in information, material and / or its functions. iPaymu does not make any statements or guarantees regarding the services and or performance of third-party services; including not limiting to guarantees for merchant eligibility or suitability for specific purposes.

  • Waiver and Limitation of Liability

    Caution to buyers
    – iPaymu assumes no responsibility whatsoever for every purchase through the IPAYMU.COM website or service. Every time you enter an Income Opportunity, or MLM Program, or “matrix site” you do so at your own risk and by registering and or dealing with IPAYMU.COM websites and services, you FULLY agree to release iPaymu and all its affiliates and officials, employees and owners for ANY losses that may arise from registering on one of the types of websites or businesses mentioned above, you are willing to compensate us and agree not to act on behalf of iPaymu or represent yourself in any action, in any capacity for any type of website or business If you are involved in a dispute with one of these types of business, you agree that this is ONLY between YOU and the BUSINESS, and iPaymu is not involved in the dispute. By transact through iPaymu, you agree that this is a contract, and you agree fully and willingly to all the terms and conditions set forth in this User Agreement.
    We are only payment processors and have no control over what these websites do and do not do to iPaymu. We do not refund if a product, service or program is not what you think it is, or if they do not fulfil their promises. You must thoroughly investigate all opportunities before making a decision to join
    – and if it sounds too perfect to be true, it’s worth to think about it again. Any activity deemed as fraud by iPaymu will be considered as an illegal activity

  • Compensation

    You agree to compensate for damages, attacks and or that endangers iPaymu, office officials, directors, employees, agents, licensors, service providers of all losses, fees, damages and costs, including attorneys’ fees as a result of any violation of these terms and conditions or activities related to your account (including negligence or mistakes) by you or others who access the site using your internet account.

  • Correspondence

    Unless otherwise agreed, all notices or communications or other correspondence made based on, or with reference to, these terms and conditions are made in writing and sent directly via e-mail address as follows: support@ipaymu.com.

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