Installments Without Credit Cards

Providing customers with instalment payment methods and increase conversion of your transactions.


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Benefits for your Online Business

Various benefits that you can get for activating the Installment service without an Akulaku Credit Card

Quick Approval

Lightning quick approval up to 2.000.000 rupiah liquidated in 5 minutes!

Increase Transactions

Payment by AKULAKU will increase the volume of transactions because customers can make payments by instalments

Secure Transactions

Transactions are safe, registered and supervised by OJK


Procedures for the Akulaku Service

The flow of the Akulaku Credit Card-Free Installment service for your transactions is getting bigger

Buy and Sell

Buyers make purchasing transactions on the seller’s website that has been integrated with iPaymu.

Buyers Choose Akulaku

After checkout, buyers are directed to the iPaymu payment page and choose the Akulaku installment payment method.

Buyers are directed to Akulaku

Buyers are directed to the Akulaku page. If they already have Akulaku credit, the buyer logs into Akulaku. If they don’t have Akulaku credit then they can apply first.

Payment Received

Payments by customers are received by Akulaku and then forwarded / paid to the seller’s iPaymu account.

Transaction Successful

The Akulaku transaction is complete, the payment goes to the seller’s iPaymu account worth 100% minus the Akulaku transaction fee.

Installment Payment

Installments will be billed directly to the Akulaku’s buyer credit.

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