iPaymu Promo Program

iPaymu issues a promo program that can increase the number of business transactions for members.

  • Cash Back Promo

    Merchant’s Target : 20000 trx/month
    Cash Back : IDR 20,000,000
    *fee used follows the publish rate
    Terms and Conditions :
    1. The number of transactions per merchant will be calculated per the date the merchant has declared to join the promo program (merchants will receive notifications via email)
    2. The program is valid per 1 iPaymu member ID
    3. This program is only valid for the following: VA Cimb Niaga, VA BNI and Convenience Store payment channels (applicable to all)
    4. Announcement of IDs who are entitled to receive cashback will be announced on the iPaymu website, iPaymu’s official social media and will be contacted by iPaymu
    5. The promo expiration period has not been determined until there is a further announcement
    6. Cashback will be sent to the winner’s iPaymu account
    7. Prizes cannot be converted to other forms

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