Account and Verification

FAQ about Accounts and Verification of iPaymu services

Here are Frequently Asked Questions about Accounts and Verification of iPaymu service



  • What is iPaymu?

    iPaymu is an online payment method that makes it more accessible for users to make transaction using internet services

  • What are the advantages of iPaymu compared to other similar services?

    iPaymu enables you to make payments for products, shop online, withdraw money effortlessly, quickly and securely. iPaymu also has a COD service that no one else has.

  • Is iPaymu safe?

    We are very SECURE, iPaymu uses 256 bit SSL encryption and has been verified by Thawte. However, you still have to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password and change your password regularly to prevent misuse by unauthorized parties.

  • Who can utilize the iPaymu products / services?

    Entrepreneurs both online and offline who want their businesses to be able to receive payments by various methods




  • After successfully registering, do I have to verify?

    You can do the verification process at the same time as you register the iPaymu services that you need.

  • What are the steps for verification?

    1. Log in to your account (open Log In to find out how to log in)
    2. Click the “Menjadi Merchant” prompt

    3. Complete the required data

    4. . If you want to be registered as a buyer the “Business Information” part can be left blank, but if you want to be a MERCHANT (Seller) then the “Business Information” MUST BE COMPLETED.

    5. Fill in your bank account information. The name of the owner of the account name must be the same as the name of the PIC / company name used at registration.

    6. Upload the verification document. If you don’t have a bank book, you can use the Internet / Mobile Banking screenshot that shows your name and account number.

    7. Click “Proceed”
    8. Wait a maximum of 2 × 24 hours, you will be contacted via email whether the verification process is successful, failed or there is a lack of data

    9. You can contact us via email [email protected] or via WhatsApp at +6282147151332 to ask your verification status



  • Why is my account suspended?

    If your account is detected carrying out activities that violate the iPaymu User Terms & Conditions And/or violate the rule of law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, then iPaymu can unilaterally freeze your account until the investigation process is complete. Please contact [email protected] for more information


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