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FAQ about Payments and Withdrawals with iPaymu services

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Payments and Withdrawals with iPaymu services



  • Can buyers who don’t have an iPaymu account make payments to iPaymu?

    Yes, we provide Bank Transfer payments as an option with CIMB Niaga and BNI Virtual Accounts (VA). Customers don’t necessarily have to pay with Bank CIMB Niaga and BNI, because VA can be paid from all banks in Indonesia.

  • How do buyers who are not iPaymu members shop using iPaymu?

    1. After checkout, the buyer will be directed to an iPaymu Payment Page. On the iPaymu Payment page the buyer chooses the payment method. (In the following example is an example of payment by the Bank Transfer method)

    2. The buyer fills in their name and mobile number / email
    3. Click “Pay Now”

    4. The details of the Virtual Account number will appear on the screen and will also be sent to the buyer’s SMS and email. VA will have the name “IPAYMU – Customer Name” to make it easier for the buyer to detect that they are making payments to the correct VA number

  • The buyer has already made the payment to the VA provided but why hasn’t the payment entered my account?

    1. Make sure the buyer has made the payment to the correct VA number (can be confirmed by asking for proof of the transfer made)
    2. Ensure that the transfer is successful
    3. Ask the buyer how the transfer was done, whether it was by ATM / Mobile Banking / Internet Banking
    4. The fastest payment method for the funds to enter your account is if it was done via ATM and Mobile Banking
    5. If the 4 steps above have been done but the funds has still not entered your account, please contact [email protected]
    6. For payments through the BCA Internet Banking and through a TELLER, they must be processed manually, so please contact [email protected], therefore we strongly do not recommend this method

  • How do you make a payment to an iPaymu Virtual Account (VA)?

    To pay using an iPaymu bank / virtual account (VA) can be seen here


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