YesPOS is a Point of Sales platform / Online Cashier Application to make it easier for you to record transactions, receive transactions, inventory management and etc.

Point of Sales application that can be used to make sales transactions at Industry Café & Restaurant, Retail, Fashion & Accessories, Franchise, Salon & Barbershop, Car Wash, Laundry and others.

Why need to use YESPOS

YesPOS is a Point-of-Sales to make your business scalable and allow you to get maximum profit.

Yespos can accept all types of payments from various QR Channels, Debit Cards & Credit Cards.

Super Efficient Price, Fast Profit!

Connected to the booster, making customers become sellers.

Supports various payment methods and PPOB, becomes part of financial inclusion and you can do withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the iPaymu YesPOS service


Point of Sales (POS) is a Point of Sales Application that is used to make sales transactions at the Café & Restaurant Industry, Retail, Fashion & Accessories, Franchise, Salon & Barbershop, Car Wash, Laundry and others.

You will get a POS application and an EDC machine that is easy to use & of course can be installed on an Android device. You also get a complete dashboard to control transactions.

  • Card & QR Transactions
    Payment support with Credit / Debit Card Swipe and QRIS.
  • User friendly interface
    Efficient and easy to use for transactions.
  • Multi Outlet & payment
    Simplify your store management with multi outlets and payments.
  • Bring in customers
    Your business will be marketed and recommended by customers.

By using a cloud base, you don't have to worry about the security of all your business information and data. YesPOS is also completed with a feature system that can store data in real-time to ensure the security of your account. This android cashier application is perfect for those of you who want to start a business.

Through YesPOS backoffice, you can manage more than one business outlet. Interestingly, you can easily manage information so that the product prices at each outlet are different.

Don't wait long time! Register your business immediately and feel the cashier program FREE trial for 1 month! You can try various interesting features to make it easier to manage your business anytime and anywhere. Happy trying!

Subscribing with YesPOS is very easy! After trying the YesPOS FREE trial cashier application, you can choose a subscription package that suits your business. Don't hesitate to contact our support team via Whatsapp +62 819-3697-2473

No. YesPOS only has a simple stock report that contains reports of incoming and outgoing stuff.

Please log in at, click the Products menu, Add product category.

Low subscription fee *starts from IDR 199.000
Please visit to get the latest service prices.

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