Upgrade Transaction Conversion

95% of Consumers which Provides the Payment Methods They Use Every Day

100% PlugnPlay
No Host to Host to Bank
Whatsapp Auto Reminder Transaction
Payment Aggregator
Payment Solution B2B, B2C, C2C
Omni Payment Online-to-Offline
Payment Link for eCommerce
Payment for StartUp
150 Payment Channel

iPaymu, Very Very Smart

Local & International Online Payment System Solution

Seamless Checkout
Simple Rest API
No Coding
No Host-to-Host to Bank
Setup BRAND on the ATM display
PCI Compliant (PCIDSS)
Agnostic Platform
Realtime Settlement


Merchant iPaymu

Merchant Distribution

Buyers without hesitation do transaction with your online store BRAND.

Transactions Until Receiving Money Easily

Custom iPaymu payment page, the easiest way to accept payments more reliably with your own BRAND. Accept local & international payments with automatic payment receipts.

Get your store online instantly without coding.

Demo Shop

Powerful Dashboard

Transaction Management is getting easier and more transparent

Realtime Transaction Records.
Realtime Transaction status information.
Withdrawal money from your iPaymu account to your account.
Activation and Deactivation iPaymu Payment Services.

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