e-Money for e-Commerce

Plug&Play, Realtime Settlement

30 Seconds to get Fully Integrated

1 Merchant Account for 30 Payment Channels

Easy and Quickly Accept Payments Online

No Payment Gateway – No Coding

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 Payment Aggregator & Payment Link for eCommerce
 Payment Solution B2B, B2C, C2C
 Payment for UKM
 Payment for StartUp
 Omni Payment Online-to-Offline

e-Money for e-Commerce

Plug&Play Payment System Solutions for e-Commerce,
Reseller, Dropshipper


  Simple and safe setup

  Upload and manage entire inventory online

  No difficult transitions at checkout

  Integrated payment processing

  No Payment Gateway – No Coding

  Adjust marketing schemes and increase BRAND

  Higher security at no additional cost

  PCI Compliant (PCIDSS)

  Platform Agnostic

  No Host-to-Host Banks



Our 30 Payment Channels

With just 1 Account, you will be integrated with 30 of our Payment Partner Channels. One App, One Integration.

1 QRCode
for all e-wallet channels


Digital Business Transformation

The iPaymu Ecosystem helps transform your business into a Digital Business, Less Trouble, End to End Solution, Sales Booster.


Automation In

iPaymu is Payment as a Service. Make your business more automated. Quick Registration, Quick Integration.


Our Store / Brand name will be displayed during the payment process by the customer

Cash on Delivery

Penetrate the market and increase transaction conversions up to 300%.


Transactions are easier by using the EDC POS terminal.

Convenience Stores

Provide payment via Indomaret and Alfamart directly to your business.

Credit Card

Comprehensive payment options for your customers.

Pay Later

Installment payment options without a credit card to your customers.

Payment Links

Effortless transactions by linking payments with a payment link to your product.


1 QRCode for all e-wallet channels

Split Payment

Share the results of transactions of affiliates or distributor resellers automatically unsure.


Scan the merchant’s QR Code and get FreeCash unconditionally.

Instant VA

VA payments and bank transfers are available to 140 banks.

Mobile Bot

Access transaction information with Chatbot WhatsApp Messenger and Telegram.

Social Media Payment

E-commerce payment link on your social media, quickly receive money.


Make transactions safe, minimize fraud, reduce the risk of loss.

Donation Link

Easily collect donations from various payment channels.

Single Sign In

open API, one login for all applications to be optimized.

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Viralmu Apps, iPaymu eCommerce Payment

Fast Transaction, Fast Receive Money

Viralmu Apps is a application can you use to do business activities online easily. Instant payment billing generates invoice links with various payment methods.

You can start downloading & get free income, free cash in the application.

Powerful Dashboard

Manage Transactions easily and transparently

Our service provides a powerful online dashboard to view your transaction history in realtime and transparently.

By knowing the transaction history, you will easily identify the most active services used by customers, so that you will be able to focus on these services.

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