Here are Frequently Asked Questions about iPaymu Products and Services


BOA (Brand of ATM), COD (Cash On Delivery), Credit Card, QRIS, Debit, Virtual Account, Split Payment, Payment Link, Convenience Store (Alfamart and Indomaret), Online Debit and EDC POS

Once you successfully register your iPaymu account, you can automatically use the Virtual Account product / service. If you verify your account as a merchant and your account verification process is successful, then you can use Convenience Store products / services (Alfamart and Indomaret). Other services that you want to use can be activated via the iPaymu account dashboard.

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We don’t provide web creation services.

If you find that your transaction is locked on the iPaymu dashboard, there is no need to panic. You can contact iPaymu via email at support [email protected] or through WhatsApp by clicking on the following link: to inquire about the status of your transaction.

Success - Unsettled means that the buyer has made the payment and the transaction has been successfully completed. The funds will be processed by iPaymu once they have been settled by the iPaymu team.

You can display your “BRAND” online business during the payment process by customers, whether through ATM or E-banking. The ATM or E-banking screen will show your BRAND, not the name of the E-banking.

VA Artha Graha, VA BPD, and QRIS. Your brand will appear on ATM and E-banking screens.

No, it is not possible. However, you can change the Brand name.

  • Verify iPaymu account
  • Integrate the website with iPaymu
  • Fill out the form
  • NPWP.
  • A successful transaction link payment is subject to a fee of IDR 1,000 (one thousand Indonesian Rupiah).
  • Not selling digital products.
  • Having Social Media / Website (Business Profile).
    Active Social Media / Website, clear products/business in line with the registered business category, and add contact number/email for communication.
  • Not integrated with iPaymu yet.
    Not directly integrated with iPaymu or through platforms integrated with iPaymu (examples: Resellr, Bukaolshop, etc)

Yes, it can. Click here for more information:

  • GPN Banks: BNI and BTN
  • Mandiri, BRI and Bank Neo Commerce

Yes, all transactions are insured by iPaymu. Click here for more information:

Yes, you can. Click here for more information:

  • The business location must be in Indonesia.
  • Payment method must use IDR (Indonesian Rupiah).
  • Must have branch offices in Indonesia.
  • Registered banks must be in accordance with Bank Indonesia.

Yes, iPaymu provides a Donation Link feature for Foundations/Organizations

  • ID Card (KTP)
  • Tax ID (NPWP)
  • Selfie with ID Card (KTP)
  • Front page of the bank book showing the NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER (must be in the name of the Organization/Foundation)
  • If using a PIC's account, there must be a statement that the PIC's name is listed in the company's deed
  • Have a Website/Application containing valid (donation) information that can be tested for transactions up to the payment method
  • Foundation Deed / Foundation Decree
  • If your Website/Application includes fundraising, you must include a Donation Permit Letter from the Social Affairs Office / Ministry of Religious Affairs

Yes, iPaymu does offer COD services.

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Yes. iPaymu has a Plugin for WHMCS. Click here for more information.

Yes. iPaymu has a payment channel with Akulaku. Click here for more information.

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